Valentus Training | How to get paid with Valentus

Hello Folks… Big Paulie back again to teach and train you exactly how to get paid quickly with Valentus.

This will be a very short, yet very powerful training. So pay close attention and take action immediately on what I give to you now.

Valentus Training

MLM Training

MLM Training


Let’s get started.

First, you must join Valentus at the Ruby package level.  If not, bringing in just 1 person costs you roughly forty to eighty percent of commission payout. For example, Ruby pack holders who sponsor just one Ruby, can make up to $200. Let’s say you only get $100 from that sale.  If you are not a Ruby (only paid the twenty bucks to activate your website and you bought just 1 box of product) and you sponsor just 1 Ruby level representative, you get paid a whopping $20.

Let’s see.  $20 versus $100 for the EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF WORK……

If you don’t understand that the $100 is 5 times better, then you do NOT belong in this business. But for those who wish to learn, watch this detailed video:



Next, Autoship.  We don’t have “autoships” in Valentus. Why? Because that term entails mandates in your business. You can still get a check if you don’t make a purchase. However, our Monthly Loyalty Order program rewards you for using Valentus products. How? You cannot quickly accumulate volume points if you are not on the products. One of the largest rewards given to loyal customers is the auto-promotion aspect of our compensation structure. Rubies who are on a Monthly Loyalty Order for six consecutive months get automatically promoted to Emerald.  How is that for fair?!  I love it! This is the absolute best compensation plan me and my team has ever seen.  Period.  Watch this for more information about starting your Monthly Loyalty Order:

It is important to have leadership that are moving fast and can provide you with powerful Valentus Training.  My team is one of the fastest growing teams in all of Valentus and the team stretches across 4 countries. Plus, in addition to my Valentus Training, you get awesome bonuses that literally put money in to your pocket.


So what do I do now?  You take action.


You take action.  Use this Valentus Training to get your account, order product and contact just 5 people who will work with you and want you to make $15,000 per month. If you need help with any of this, including setting up where your paycheck goes, reach out to me. I help all 2,000+ of my team members.  And I will help you.

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I hope you enjoyed this quick Valentus Training!