Big Paulie’s 2014 Recap and 2015 Forecast

First Podcast of 2015!

We start with “The Duck Song” which had over 178 Million views on YouTube as a reminder that we all need to syndicate unique content and monetize it!


1) 2014 was a turning point for many of us

2) 2015 is the year for Learning as much as possible

3) Purchase every single training material you can get your hands on!

4) Get ready for a large explosion in 3rd quarter of 2016


Uncovering the Lies of Network Marketing and the MLM industry

Big Paulie, home business expert, retired from corporate America at age 36 to create and run a multi-million dollar enterprise from his home. He is the founder of No More Teams! an exclusive membership that teaches its members the fastest way to make money from their home computers without meetings, phone calls or the constant rejection of asking for participation from others.


Today, he talks about several lies constantly told and retold inside of the Network Marketing industry.