Do you think people give a shit about that?

I see way too many of you out there doing the wrong things when promoting your network marketing business.

I see you hitting people over the head with your new product, or your awesome new compensation plan and you’re even telling people (especially me) that some guru is now joining your business.  Let me help you.

Please allow me to give you knowledge that will make you money.




OK, now let me tell you what you should do in to order sign more people up, sell more product and make more money.


Have you been to a department store or car dealership and the salesperson wasted your time with telling you about some new feature or a new product that you might like?  Sure, you might like it, but you also might not.  Remember that thought that ran through your mind during that incident?  “Dude, shut up! Just give me what I asked for.”


That salesperson did not do what every successful salesman and woman have done since the dawn of the modern era. It is a technique that every single last successful businessman and woman have employed to make their millions – and billions.

Want me to tell you what it is?

You already know it.

Let’s go back to our little incident above…

“Dude, shut up! Just give me what I asked for.”  Let’s look at that.

In that moment during their conversation with you, did the sales associate try to give you what you wanted? Or did they try and shove “something awesome” down your throat that they felt you might like?

Here is the secret sauce that separates the ‘successful’ from the ‘shitty’ in direct sales, network marketing or any business.  Get ready. Because here is comes…

The successful individual merely finds what the customer wants and gives it to them.

Freaking amazing, I know…

Now let’s look a scenario where you just bought everything the salesperson told you to buy. What did they say or do to make you pull out your credit card and buy?  It probably went something like this:

“Hi, how are you today?”

“What can I help you with?”

“That’s sounds good. Why do you want that?”

“OK, where else have you gone to acquire that?”

“Cool. Let me help you get that. Are you ready to buy it today?”


Review these statements carefully and learn how to stop trying to sell people into your “deal”.  Notice the entire conversation was about what the customer/client wants!  Learn to change your methods from “I’m going to tell you how awesome my powerline-matrix-thingy is.” to “How can I help you get what you want using my program?” goodpresentation


The commission only comes after the signup. And the signup only comes after the decision has been made to join. And people make decisions based on getting what they want.



Big Paulie





“So, what do you want?

More money? Time freedom? More leads? More sales?

I can help you get it.

Let me help you get what you want.” -Big Paulie


“Why won’t MLM work for me?!” The Answer Will Shock You.

I think MLM (MultiLevel Marketing) programs are a bunch of scams.  Because nobody makes any real money in it… Except for maybe the company owners who should all go straight to prison, then to hell!

Network Marketing, MLM, “Home Business Opportunities” – they all SUCK!


No, my friend. Your information is false. MLM won’t work for you, not because it sucks. MLM does not suck…




A commonly asked question when a new independent distributor has been working for a few months in network marketing and direct sales is “Why won’t this business work for me?!”  This thought usually creeps into the mind of the representative after he/she has  signed a few people up and sees little to no activity in his or her organization and received little to no money either.

An extremely high percentage of new distributors do little to nothing.   This is true regardless of the company, the compensation plan, or the sponsor.  This is a fact. People suck at this.

I have studied thousands of people in different companies and organizations and there is a recurring theme to success (and failure) in this industry. Yes, Network Marketing, Direct Sales or MLM is a multi-BILLION dollar industry that has been around for over 60 years in the USA alone.  I am quite sure that the US Government would not let such a large and robust “scam” run for 3 generations and expand worldwide without massive arrests, fines and public shaming.  Yeah, it’s not a scam, Einstein.


So, why do the statistics say over 90% fail, do nothing or lose money in MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales if there are Billions being generated monthly???  How is this possible?  Well, like anything and everything, there are those that do (about 5% of the population) and there are those that do some (about 15%) and there are those that do nothing (80%).  These are the 3 core Performance Groups of Humanity. (This is trademarked. DO NOT USE WITHOUT MY EXPRESSED WRITTEN PERMISSION!)

Which Performance Group are YOU in???  I can tell you that those in the top 5% do not care about the thoughts, opinions and habits of the other 95%. And they try to focus on training, uplifting and building the businesses of those who show enough promise out of the 15% group.


QUESTION: “Paulie, there has to be some secret to how one can actually make a living out of this industry, right?”

Yes. But, I would even go so far as to say this is THE key to successful growth in a business like ours.  It’s simple….

ANSWER: Consistently sponsor new team members and teach the fundamentals over and over again until one, two, or three people go to work.  This is the only formula that works.

Read that again. And unlock the secret of the many “Diamond” and “Senior Vice President” and “Grand Poobah” distributors who have come before you, just to walk across stage at your events.

Read it again.


Now, it is 2015. (Well, almost.) So, we are a little bit more sophisticated. We (us gurus and diamonds, not you) utilize systems to automate and expand our reach to a much larger audience. This makes our lives a bit easier. But the secret sauce is still the same. Communicate the fundamentals to as many people as it takes over and over again until a few go to work.  The secret has been in your face all along.  You may have heard called “duplication”.



“So, how do I stop sucking and be a Diamond Guru like you, Paulie?”


This takes commitment and focus which, I’m sorry to say, most people just don’t have.  But, the great thing is, to make a six figure income in this business, you really only need a few that take it seriously.

Here is a “To Do” list for you to follow. When you successfully complete each of these tasks, you will no longer suck. You will make decent money. And you will walk across stage.

  • Show the business to 3-10 people a week.
  • Sign up 1-4 people per month for 2-4 years.
  • End of List.

So simple, yet so easy to mess up.  It comes down to consistency in execution, no matter how you feel at any given time.  The lack of discipline and tenacity in your business creates the “sucky” aura around your body. This aura causes slow movement, increased television watching, increased complaining, a decrease in your commissions and an increase in the tendency to ask stupid questions like, “Is this a scam?” or “Paulie, will you pay my way to be on your team?”


Hey, is one presentation per day too much to ask someone to do to grow a significant income that has the potential to set them free financially in less than 5 years?   NO! Of course not!

So why do so many in this industry suck? Why is the “total suck percentage” between 80% and 90% of everyone in this industry?

Another easy question to answer for Big Paulie. At any point in time, about 80 – 90% of distributors choose NOT to complete the “To Do” list I gave you up above.  The problem is you are not talking to enough NEW people. Or, you may be trying to manage your team, which just doesn’t work.   This is a volunteer army. You cannot have meetings, conferences or webinar trainings and tell people what to do. People have to be led. And you lead them by doing exactly what you want them to do. SPONSOR NEW PEOPLE.

Nine times out of ten, you have not sponsored enough people to find the right people. (Remember, you want two or three from the 15% (or 5%) Performance Group who get to work.)

How do you know if you have the right people? How do you know what Performance Group they are in?

*They are doing something. Or they do a lot.

They are showing up without you having to remind them. And they are calling you with questions every week.  And most important trait out of them all – they are talking to new people about their business.  Remember that “duplication” thing?


Look, if you really want to stop sucking so hard, here is what you do. Stop complaining. Just do what I tell you. (Or what your upline 5%-er tells you.)

Next, take a look at your team. If it is just you, then take a look at yourself.   If your team (you included)  are not doing the “To Do” List above, it’s not your fault! It is not anybody’s fault.  About 95% of people suck at one time or another. Do not dwell on your “suckiness”. When you stink, you take a shower or bath, right? Or do you dwell, analyze and complain about how much you reek?  No, you simply resolve the issue.



Just get back to work.  The “To Do” list did not change, so why should you? Set more appointments, expose your business to new people, sign new customers and sponsor new independent distributors, then teach what I taught you –  over and over again.

I will leave you with this. The students I share this with usually pay me many thousands of dollars for this kind of information.   I want you to stop sucking, so I will share it with you here and now…

“If you show your business to 1,000 people, you will make a six figure income.

In order to qualify to be one of these thousand, one must see the entire business presentation and receive at least two follow up communications from you!

These follow up communications can be anything from phone calls to emails to a firm handshake.”


Now, how fast can you get through your 1,ooo?  Or will you continue to suck?


Big Paulie





Network Marketing Bull-Crap

Are you not tired of the lies?

Are you not tired of the Network Marketing Bull-Crap?


Let me share with you two (2) lies that are told over and over again to people in our industry. And allow me to set the record straight and correct these very incorrect statements.

  1. “Just don’t quit.” This is a total misrepresentation of what a person has to do be successful in MLM. This industry does not – I repeat – does not reward those for simply sticking around. I know, personally, people that have attended every event, meeting and live broadcast. These same people have traveled cross-country and spent a small fortune on baby sitters, gas and late night dinners at Denny’s. They are as excited as ever, but broke.  See, at some point, YOU MUST PRODUCE A RESULT! You have to learn how to sponsor somebody or sell a product! Hanging around for years does nothing but build contempt for your upline as you continue to make ZERO money and contempt for those around you who say, “Yeah, they were doing that thing, but never made any money at it.”
  2. “Do a little bit every day/month/year and you’ll make it.”  100% BULL!  Let me share with you how this business works.  You HAVE TO produce enough momentum in your business, in a short time frame, that you begin to see other ancillary things happen like others producing a result. Keep working extra hard by exposing new people, engaging the people on your team and promoting your product or service.  Do this crazy amount of work in 90-120 days in order to be successful.

Think of muli-level marketing/network marketing as like an airplane.  In order for it to get off of the ground, you MUST give the throttle ALL YOU GOT…

Pushing 40% on the throttle will not get the plane up to enough speed to where the wheels leave the ground.  So, talking to 2 or 3 people a week or sponsoring 1 or 2 a month WILL NOT get your business off of the ground.  And the longer you “just don’t quit” without producing any significant numbers, the more excruciating your business becomes.

You will be “nickel and dimed” to death if you do not give it all that you have, and do BIG numbers within a short 3 month period of time.  It must be done. Slow and steady simply does not work in this industry.

Let me share this thought with you:
Be loyal to yourself and your bottom line first! Build your business like you have only 6 months to make it happen or you lose your house, car, job and family all at once! Only THAT kind of urgency will yield the results that so many millions of people join network marketing companies for, but rarely ever experience.


Paul “Big Paulie” Moore

The typical business-Wannabe

So, I had another meeting this week with some perspective clients. You know, the kind that try to ask intelligent questions and want to know “how this really works”. And inevitably we get to the part where I simply need to know if they are in or not.

Just to let you know what I do, I set people up in business and train them how to make it profitable. Our corporation pre-screens all opportunities and we even get involved with them as we only recommend and support the absolute best biz-ops out there today. This has become quite lucrative for us over the last year and a half, and now I want to focus on helping as many people as possible.

I have an MBA and I am pretty sure I know what the hell I am doing. So, please forgive me for getting a little offended when someone who is either under-educated or currently managing a failed business venture tries to question the validity of what I am offering.
I don't want you in my business ANYWAY!
When I deal with lawyers, successful business owners or any of the sort, there is usually little time wasted. A decision is made and we either get started immediately or we exchange business cards and part ways.

It is sad to say that when we try to “help the community” by offering the same capacity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, the experience is very different.

Let’s go back to my meeting this week…

Me: “We also provide free leads to you each month and drive traffic to your websites for you.”
Client: “So, do I have to expose this to people for me to make money?”

Are our schools teaching people that everything will be given to you when you walk in the door to any institution?

When it became evident that you have to sacrifice and put in a little work, these individuals act as if I gave them a poison apple to take home with them. Maybe they think if they disappear and don’t talk to anyone, then they will make some money….

I don’t wish to begrudge those who are skeptical or just overly cautious. But please make yourself known if you are just kicking the tires or if you are seriously interested in making large sums of money.

I think there is an epidemic of people who want to fantasize about building a large business. They love to feel like they are accomplishing something. They like to play dress-up and go to my nice office and sit in the big executive chairs and nod their heads as if to approve of the proceedings.
However, what I have found as a simple truth is, individuals who are willing to pay the price of success look at things differently.

They understand that to accomplish something big takes big risks, faith and hard work. The moral of the story is simply this:
The reason why so few become wealthy in business is because of the precious few who take action. ACTION. It’s more than just a word.

If you are not willing to act, now, then you are just pretending to be a successful business person.

Hey Wannabe’s! Do us both a favor and politely leave my office to make room for someone who has a dream and the passion to get up and go get it!!!!