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I thought this little comic was awesome because it illustrates the power of branding.

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Network Marketing Bull-Crap

Are you not tired of the lies?

Are you not tired of the Network Marketing Bull-Crap?


Let me share with you two (2) lies that are told over and over again to people in our industry. And allow me to set the record straight and correct these very incorrect statements.

  1. “Just don’t quit.” This is a total misrepresentation of what a person has to do be successful in MLM. This industry does not – I repeat – does not reward those for simply sticking around. I know, personally, people that have attended every event, meeting and live broadcast. These same people have traveled cross-country and spent a small fortune on baby sitters, gas and late night dinners at Denny’s. They are as excited as ever, but broke.  See, at some point, YOU MUST PRODUCE A RESULT! You have to learn how to sponsor somebody or sell a product! Hanging around for years does nothing but build contempt for your upline as you continue to make ZERO money and contempt for those around you who say, “Yeah, they were doing that thing, but never made any money at it.”
  2. “Do a little bit every day/month/year and you’ll make it.”  100% BULL!  Let me share with you how this business works.  You HAVE TO produce enough momentum in your business, in a short time frame, that you begin to see other ancillary things happen like others producing a result. Keep working extra hard by exposing new people, engaging the people on your team and promoting your product or service.  Do this crazy amount of work in 90-120 days in order to be successful.

Think of muli-level marketing/network marketing as like an airplane.  In order for it to get off of the ground, you MUST give the throttle ALL YOU GOT…

Pushing 40% on the throttle will not get the plane up to enough speed to where the wheels leave the ground.  So, talking to 2 or 3 people a week or sponsoring 1 or 2 a month WILL NOT get your business off of the ground.  And the longer you “just don’t quit” without producing any significant numbers, the more excruciating your business becomes.

You will be “nickel and dimed” to death if you do not give it all that you have, and do BIG numbers within a short 3 month period of time.  It must be done. Slow and steady simply does not work in this industry.

Let me share this thought with you:
Be loyal to yourself and your bottom line first! Build your business like you have only 6 months to make it happen or you lose your house, car, job and family all at once! Only THAT kind of urgency will yield the results that so many millions of people join network marketing companies for, but rarely ever experience.


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Daegan Smith is Awesome!

Here is a little testimonial I shot today giving mad props to Daegan Smith – “The Godfather of Internet Marketing”.

I am constantly finding value in the things he sells as well as provides for free.

Just a simple “Thank You” from me to you.

Big Paulie

Traffic is the Key – Big Paulie Gets You Traffic

You need traffic. You want traffic.



No matter what program you are in and promoting, you need traffic to your websites.

Work with me, Big Paulie, and learn the secret ways of getting traffic.


Or, you can continue to struggle online.  Your choice.

Karatbars Top Earner – Paul Moore

Paul Moore receives top earner recognition
goldkaratbarstop earner VISIT WEBSITE (learn more)
Karatbars International Independent Affiliate, Paul Moore, of Memphis, TN, received recognition as a new top earner and producer of the quiet, but massively expanding Karatbars International affiliate program.The affiliate structure is a free program built around an e-commerce model. The website is open to the public, however, if one wishes to purchase the 24-karat gold bullion or many of the rare collector items, your account must be a referral from another affiliate.”Think, but with gold”, says Paul. “We all understand that e-commerce is not traditional MLM. And anyone can make money with Karatbars.”

The company was launched in 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany and officially launched in the United States, 2011.  Harald Seiz, the founder of Karatbars International, has a vision: “To put spendable gold into the hands of the common man and woman.”

With only 170,000 affiliates worldwide, Karatbars International is poised to literally explode. Paul Moore warns, “With so many people that are already making an extra $500 per week, I must caution you: do not delay,” “because when critical mass hits within the next 18 months, several millionaires will be created, here in the US alone.”

But the “dirty little secret” about Karabars is this: people who sign up now will get the benefit of true spillover and a team-build scenario. The dual-team system pays whenever there is gold purchased on either side of a business. Regardless of who referred the account.   Think about that…  Get a business package and get paid?

Paul’s prestigious status was revealed to him and his team during a team conference call last week. It is not surprising that Paul is exploding. He has done it time and time again. Except this time, those that join his team will get direct benefit in the form of commissions paid to them. They simply join, purchase a package and begin their own personal gold savings plan. Packages range from about $130 to $2100, depending on current gold prices.

Paul acquired the status of “top producer” by building a team of over 200 in less than 90 days. “What I did can be duplicated by anyone.” Paul Moore said. “Make the decision to join my team and I will show you exactly how to do it.”

After 6 years of being online and getting rejected and making no money, Paul is now a top producer in Karatbars International. Experience, knowledge and activity are the 3 pillars of his business that support the foundation of helping everyone on his team who are willing to work for success.

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“Karatbars International Exposed! The Facts About Karatbars International No One Told You”

There’s a giant buzz around Karatbars International currency grade gold and the company’s ability to assist its affiliates to generate huge incomes online. It basically starts with the idea that the most important thing about affiliate marketing is the capability and focus to generate wealth fast. This is evidenced from the growing number of frustrated internet marketers who throw away hard-earned profit buying used, tired and fatigued leads. In fact, there are countless thousands of individuals who spend their hard earned cash on unqualified leads, many of which usually are re-circulated to other marketers, usually to great disappointment.  These leads may or may not convert to paying customers. And if they do, the commissions on sales are so low that you cannot grow your business efficiently.

Well, there is a new sheriff in town. And the name is Karatbars International.

Their primary product is the Karatbar. Karatbars are 24-karat 999.9% pure currency grade gold in small, portable weights. They are created by an existing debt-free powerhouse known as Karatbars International, GmbH located in Stuttgart, Germany. What is unique is the knowledge that Karatbars International has created a huge change in the way we buy products and services. They created Karatbars to replace worldwide fiat currency, paper dollars that are backed by nothing. Along with the karatbar are sold, ever-increasing in popularity, collectible products containing real gold. Karatbars are in over 115 countries worldwide and has gained a very loyal following of many participants, affiliates and customers from all four corners of the planet.


One of the head guys at Karatbars International is Harald Seiz. Seiz is an experienced business owner, visionary and entrepreneur. The vision of Mr. Seiz, “Gold for all, into small units, and globally”, soon became a reality. And the idea of providing security to the people of the world became his mission.

In 2009, Mr. Harald Seiz founded Karatbars International GmbH, which is currently expanding in over 115 countries with innovative products.  Harald Seiz’s vision is to help the people of all countries of the world by providing financial security. “In my thoughts and actions the most, I include aspiration, honesty, integrity and honesty. And this, I guarantee it with my name.”

In 2011, Karatbars International launched in the United States and soon became completely debt free. 

Unique to the karatbar product is the fact that Harald Seiz has introduced a Dual Team pay program for the affiliate model which is designed to make you a lot of money, very quickly.The dual team system is used to pay you approximately $4,485.00 per week by referring just 2 individuals. That represents a huge shift in the average income of anyone in the world who is marketing products and services at home or anyone who is building a multi-level marketing company.

With a major focus on the declining dollar in the US and around the world, Karatbars International is poised to create a new economy. This new economy will be fueled by the karatbar as real gold currency. Individuals will be able to buy goods and services using 1-gram, 2.5 grams or 5-gram karatbar cards.  The cards are real money, not paper notes, representing nothing but an idea.


Overall, we believe the Karatbar is a great product to go into, created and managed by talented people.  It is new in the market, has all the resources needed to take the world by storm and people really love gold and gold bullion.  There is, and always has been, a great deal of buzz around gold. And combined with all the resources Karatbars provides, there is no reason why you should not at least give this an honest try.  We think it’s one of the best wealth generation programs out there!

With gold prices skyrocketing, the Karatbars dual team system can pay you $4,485.00 per week. Simply refer 2 individuals and duplicate this twelve times to achieve this income.

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Check out my commissions for $43,625.00


One of the highlights of the Fight the Forces of Evil that concluded on Sunday was the Commission Countdown ceremony. This is where Empower Network leadership recognize their top affiliates, and present them a big check for their hard work.


The checks represent how much commissions the partner made with the company since the last event. That is usually no more than 90 days.  It’s always fun to see how much everyone is making. It also provides huge motivation to us all and provides proof to everyone that the business works. And it works very well!

There were a lot of people receiving checks.


My commission for $43,625.00

Now, my results are just that. MINE. You could do much better than I. Empower Network actually reports in real time the incomes of all affiliates. Check it out here.



Tons of affiliates and Team Members are making over $5,000 per month.

At last month’s Empower Network Fight the Forces of Evil in Orlando, FL, my check amount was $191,185.82. What does this mean?

It Means I Made $191,185.82 with Empower Network In One Year

At this rate of growth, I will break the $1 million commission mark within the next eighteen months. I joined Empower Network only 28 months ago, and not only is it making me nearly $15,000 every month, I got featured on stage to boot – complete with VIP access!

Want to join the fun? The best way to get in on the Empower Network action is by applying for their Core Products. These products will give you all the tools, training, and personal 1-on-1 coaching you need to start making big money online. You may not pull down a $191K check, but it’s pretty easy to make at least $1,000 a month from it. In fact, this program works so well that Empower Network fonder, David Wood, has projected over 100 new Million dollar producers will walk across stage within a very short time frame! Go check it out now.

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As with anything launched for the first time, initially, there were unfavorable reactions to the new Facebook Timeline pages. Your attention is focused on 2 columns instead of one, photos are humongous -showing every fine line and eyebag, and every time any friend comments on your photo or shoutout, your private photo or post appears on the newsfeed of anybody who is “a friend of a friend.” It sure looks like timeline does need some sprucing up, especially where privacy issues are concerned.

But for business owners, Timeline may be heaven-sent. It offers some features which push a business’ products more, and enables owners to get immediate feedback.

Below are some of the new features of Timeline which will be really beneficial to your business marketing.

It offers popularity insights and tools. The new timeline now enables page administrators to gauge how successful a post is – within minutes of posting! Gone are the days when you need to wait several days to see how well you have been performing, and how many people you have reached. There is now real-time feedback, showing you which posts are working, and which ones are not. Facebook has also introduced new metrics that further help you determine how effective your facebook business marketing strategies are:

“People Are Talking About Engagement” –  This is the total number of fans/visitors who have engaged within your age.

“Friends of Fans” – The number of people who have come across your postings, but are not yet fans of your page. This is your potential market. Through this, you are also able to keep track of your growing or shrinking fan base – and be able to do something about it before it is too late.

“Reach” – The total number of people who have seen the content you posted. Of course this does not indicate whether they truly read your content, but it is nevertheless useful because you now know how potentially successful you can be.

“Virally” – The percentage based on the number of people who saw a post from your page, and have decided to “talk about it.” It may mean re-posts of a part of your content or sharing of your entire content in a variety of other pages.

Better advertisement potential for business pages. The new lay-out allows fans to see the business’ details at the top part of the page. No more searching for the “contact us” tab.Because of the new lay-out focusing on photos, companies/businesses are also more able to display pictures to tickle viewers’ curiosity.  Here are some more advertising avenues on the new timeline:

Cover photos –  Timeline allows page owners to use their company logos, brands, image models or management team as cover photo – something similar to a website banner photo. This gives visitors a clear grasp of your branding, and who the people behind the company are.

Profile photo – Aside from the huge cover photo, you have a secondary 2inches  x 2inches profile photo where you can put your company logo. By putting your logo as profile picture, all the comments you make on other pages will be “stamped” with your company/brand name, thus increasing top-of-mind recognition.

Highlighting of certain posts. The more important posts as determined by the page owner can now be emphasized via “pinning” – or preferred posting – showing it in bigger fonts, occupying both columns of the fb page. This saves readers the effort of backtracking through your entire page to look for a good post they once came across. This also means that photo size of pictures posted can be significantly increased – thus opening the post for a highlighted appreciation by all of the senses. This is especially important if you need to display pictures of products, or want to induce the “need” for your items by posting, for example, really mouth-watering pictures of a new dish your restaurant is introducing.

So, do the pros of Timeline far outweigh its cons? It sure does! Eventually, the cons will all be ironed out with the even-newer addition of privacy features, thus eliminating the main problem with Timeline. It is a great business marketing tool.